Cleaning and preservation processes directly and indirectly impact the routine of any company. They improve the quality of the organizational climate when well performed, result in cost reduction and minimize the environmental impact in a decisive way.
Aware of those facts, Onet Centro applies the latest technologies and practices to ensure the quality of its solutions. In addition to prioritizing processes that stimulate workplace organization and productivity, the Brazilian brand of the Onet Group provides highly effective cleaning methods that were designed to meet the individual and specific demands of its clients.
Due to that wide range of technologies, its solutions reduce the consumption of water, electricity and products that may harm the environment.


Onet Centro’s teams specialize in the development and maintenance of green areas. They take care of gardens, lawns and ornamental pots and prune trees, among other services that value industrial areas, business and commercial centers, parks, shopping malls, educational institutions, etc.
We offer complete services, from design to deployment and landscaping maintenance of indoor and outdoor environments.
Our highly qualified professionals are in tune with the latest global trends.
We create spaces that fully match the architecture and decoration of your company.


Maintenance is one of the critical points in every company. It has to be performed on a permanent basis by specialized professionals. Onet Centro’s highly skilled team is specializing in making electrical and hydraulic repairs, among others.
Maintenance of all kinds, from simple repairs to highly complex and risky ones.


Urban pests may occur even in clean and well-maintained environments, which is why Onet Centro offers integrated pest control. That comprehensive service aims to exterminate or reduce pests to tolerable levels (minimum or zero), avoiding issues and embarrassing situations that could disrupt the daily routine of establishments.
Comprehensive services that offer both preventive and corrective actions.
After analyzing the environment, our experienced team applies high quality chemical products and checks the efficiency of services performed.


Complete solutions for your business so that you may concentrate on your core activities. With this mission in mind, Onet Centro has developed a wide range of services aimed at both public and private companies.
All the services required by customers are provided by a single company: receptionists, telephone operators, maids, valets, drivers, elevator operators, janitors and access controllers.