HR Policy


The main goal of our mission is to make sure our HR system values human potential and guarantees corporate growth by motivating people and ensuring their commitment and contribution as part of a continuous quest for excellence in performance to top our company’s results.

To achieve that mission, HR works hard to develop, value and retain its talents. Onet Centro offers career opportunities, salaries according to market standards, training programs that are aligned to the needs of its clients and ongoing development of human capital.


As part of our efforts to value people and to improve our recruitment, selection and operational processes, we set up bases in six different strategic points: four of them are located in São Paulo (SP), one in Campinas (SP) and another one in Botucatu (SP).

These units select and hire the best professionals on the market and train them in a unique way. In addition to a theoretical part, our employees are trained in motivation, reliability and engagement to help them remain satisfied and productive. In our continuous quest for excellence, we periodically offer refresher courses, which result in enhanced performance and personal satisfaction, i.e., in positive results for everyone involved.